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Editing Queue

If your name isn’t on this list, it’s because your session is new enough that I haven’t logged into update just yet! Turnaround is 2-3 weeks.

In Queue: Your session is next up

Culling (step 1): This session is being culled (images are being selected for editing).

Editing 1 &2: I’m currently actively editing your session.
Editing 1 (step 2): Images go through Adobe Lightroom first where I crop/straighten and handle my base edits like exposure and white balance, contrast and saturation.
Editing 2 (step 3): Images are finally pulled in to Adobe Photoshop where I sharpen, edit skin and other cosmetic issues, dodge & burn, clone things out if necessary or do head swaps, etc. This is typically the longest step, especially if there are multiple people in your session and it requires head swaps. Please be patient with me if you had a family session!

Delivered: Check your email!