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E-Guide #3: Shooting The Milestones – An Infant Milestone Posing E-Guide

Shooting The Milestones- An Infant Milestone Posing E-Guide

Milestone sessions are often shied away from, as many photographers experience there preverbal “brain fart” when it comes to variety and working with these little people! Newborns are “easy”- there is a posing flow that you tend to stick to each session, and they sleep a lot- 1 year olds are usually walking- so you follow them around, and you photograph them like most children. But the milestones- 3 month (the big one most photographers are afraid of!), 6 month and 9 months have the least amount of aid in terms of inspiration, tips and tricks, and ways to boost your own creative spark so that you aren’t feeling bored and redundant during these sessions. Photographers fear and often turn away 3 month clients, encouraging them to “come back when baby is 6 months” because they just don’t know what to do with them at that age. “But all they do is lay there!” Guys, there’s so much you are missing out on!

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In this guide we will comprehensively discuss infant milestone sessions-while this guide is NOT centered around newborns, it DOES have one chapter on the 5 staple beanbag poses– side laying, tushie up, front facing, froggy, and taco. This will start our discussion of working with and booking milestone babies, and lead into the main content!

This E-Guide will cover the newborn poses mentioned above (only those poses- no parent prep, studio prep, all that stuff- that’s in the newborn e-workshops located here and here!) and then continue into each milestone in detail.

IMG_9706 copyWe will also discuss things like:
-Working IN a studio or a make-shift studio with natural light or studio lighting-How to use reflectors to get even clean lighting
-Using natural and studio light TOGETHER (yes, this is amazing!)
-Incorporating in props or keeping it simple (both ways are super stunning!)

CK7P5330 copy -The vendors I love most to shop from when buying props for milestone babies
-When I schedule my milestone sessions and how I prepare parents for THESE sessions (you didn’t think newborns were the only ones that needed special prep, did you??)
-Offering and booking First Year Plans, how I designed my plan(s) and the pricing/thought process behind that

2016-02-14_0001 -Taking these little critters outdoors- how to rock those sessions if you can’t shoot in the golden hour, and how to rock them if you do!
-Getting the most variety while keeping your set of images cohesive and true to your client, in the least amount of time
-Rocking the mini session- time efficient for you, cost efficient for mom, and keeps baby from getting tired/overstimulated/cranky!
-Getting those elusive smiles, or playing up the babies that naturally smile a lot

CK7P5135 copy -What I do when baby is fussy (hint: it’s usually NOT rescheduling!) to keep baby happy, client happy, and the gallery full of beautiful shots
-Incorporating parents into milestone sessions in more creative, unique and memorable ways than just the basic “hold baby and smile” pose

CK7P5195 copy -How to rock props and do it safely

While most of the content focuses on imagery and written word, there are a some videos as well!

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