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North Baltimore, OH Newborn Posing Workshops {Newborn Workshops Ohio 2015} WAIT LIST ONLY

So I Built This Studio… and have hosted a handful of workshops since- both 1:1 and group setting. Can I just sayView full post »

1:1 Newborn Mentoring With Shannon {Newborn Mentoring Workshop Photography}

Back in November, I taught 2 newborn workshops in Dallas at my friend/mentoree Erica’s home. The classes wentView full post »

Why Do I Have To Apply For A Workshop? {Newborn Workshops}

As of the time I’m writing this post, all 2015 workshop applications have been reviewed and replied to. PleaseView full post »

Washington, DC Newborn Photography Workshop {Manassas, VA Newborn Posing and More Workshop June 2015} WAIT LIST ONLY

Can you believe that 2014 is already over HALF over?! It feels like we just started, and were anxiously awaiting theView full post »

Houston, TX Newborn Photography Workshop {Newborn Posing and More Workshop, January 2015}

Can you believe that 2014 is already over HALF over?! It feels like we just started, and were anxiously awaiting theView full post »

Newborn Backdrop Selection Tips {Newborn Props and Advice}

I wrote this article for Lemonade and Lenses magazine– I also included it in the Props chapter of my Newborn E-View full post »

2-Day Newborn Photography Workshop {Ohio Newborn Workshop Mentoring}

When I scheduled this class originally, I think I overestimated how good I was going to be feeling at 34 weeks pregnantView full post »

Newborn Photography Workshop- Ohio Michigan Indiana

Hey guys!! After the workshop I held in my newly built studio was such a success earlier this month, I got a ton ofView full post »

1:1 Newborn Mentoring Workshop {Newborn Mentoring}

Missy came clear from Minnesota to work with me- talk about HONORED! She was super sweet and eager to learn, and we hadView full post »

ACP Newborn E-Guide Model Sessions {Newborn E-Guide, Newborn Workshop}

When it came close to time to release my newborn e-guide, I had to do the best part of the entire process- work with theView full post »

Joint Workshop with Lindsey Scholz- Cabin Retreat

Back in March of last year, Lindsey and I started casually talking about hosting a workshop together- we’ve beenView full post »

Melbourne, FL Newborn Photography Workshop {Newborn Workshop}

January 4th, 2014- first of only a few workshops in 2014! While 2013 was the busiest year of my career, I’ve beenView full post »

Newborn E-Guide

Hi everyone! After almost 5 years I’ve finally released something pretty amazing- beyond beautiful client imagesView full post »

Dallas, TX Newborn Workshops

I traveled to Dallas again this year to teach newborn workshops- I had been there last year, and due to demand, cameView full post »

Virginia Beach Newborn Workshop {Newborn Mentoring}

In October I spent a few days in VA Beach teaching back to back workshops. Lots of cute babies that didn’t want toView full post »