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ONE Newborn Workshop Available for 2016- North Baltimore, Ohio


Because Sometimes,

you can’t have too much of a good thing.

2015 has brought many blessings to our family. After a very long time of preparation and anticipation, we took our first trip to Disney World- it was pretty good, to start- but soon we started dropping and realized that someone had shared the flu on the plane, on our way down. Talk about a miserable and expensive week in a room! All of that time planning, prepping, and being so unbelievably excited- ruined. We clung onto the pictures and the good memories that we DID have before illness grabbed hold, and we hold those memories dear knowing that we will make our way back to “do it right” the next time. (We also went over Spring Break which was a huge mistake-the crowds…never again! Just don’t do it.)

2015 also brought the surprise announcement of another sweet Cook baby- this little blessing will be joining us in October- only 6 weeks to go! We are really excited- especially since we held back and didn’t find out the gender this time! For those of you that don’t know me as well as others, we have 4 little girls already- ages 17 months through 7 years:)

2015 brought on many VERY tough decisions regarding ACP- scaling back to past/existing clients only for 2016 and beyond, and retiring all workshops- both in anticipation of the arrival of Cook baby #5. Anyone with children knows how expensive childcare is with 1 or even 2 kids- but 5? It can be cray. For some, it’s not even worth going to work because they are paying their sitter everything they make! It also came with the acknowledgement that while I can’t be a stay at home mom (I would probably go crazy after a while, anyway!) I still need to cut back because work was creeping back in and taking over my life again- something I swore I would never let happen again, after a nightmare of a year in the past- overbooking, overworked, never seeing my family.

Unfortunately, it also brought some negative times, just like many of you have probably experienced this year as well- unpredictable job schedules (any railroad wives here? You feel me.), my husband and I both losing dear friends, and many people backing out on workshop seats, sessions, even WEDDINGS- which in turn causes a huge financial loss for a small business owner when this is their bread and butter! While I was sad to have officially taught my last newborn workshop only a few short weeks ago- these cancellations caused enough of a discomfort in our family- especially with my upcoming much-needed maternity leave (my body just doesn’t handle pregnancy the way it did with my first born!) that I entertained- and ultimately acknowledged the demand for a newborn workshop in my studio. While traveling is just no longer in the cards for me- with 5 kids, 2 of which are currently in school- and a husband whose work schedule is so sporadic I never know what days or shifts he’s going to work until a very short window before he actually does go in (he is “on call”)- I still have a beautiful studio here in North Baltimore, OH that I have been proud to call home to ACP.

Are you still here? Thank you for allowing me to share my story, and be real with you:)Now, to the main event.

While I can’t schedule a last-minute class for this year due to the arrival of our last child at the end of October- and winter weather in Ohio being SO unpredictable that it’s crazy stressful- I have decided to open a 1 or 2-day class in March, aiming for mid-month when hopefully all of the winter madness is over. After 4 years of teaching workshops, I swore (this was before the decision to retire!) that I would never teach a winter class again- without fail it will blizzard the night before- causing attendees to wonder if they should come or not- models to back out, etc. Nobody needs that stress- neither me- nor those that have invested in the class, or those committed to coming for a modeling spot! 

The 2 days being reserved for this class/classes in North Baltimore, OH are:

Saturday, March 19th
Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Each day will have available space for 8 people. You can attend one day for $500, or both for $875. Availability for either date-including the ability for you to attend BOTH dates at the discount, is on a first-come, first-serve basis.Day 1 (Saturday, March 19th) will be a Simply Newborn Experience

-This day will focus strictly on beanbag posing and various forms of wrapping.

Day 2 (Sunday, March 20th) will be an Enhanced Newborn Experience

-This day will focus on parent posing, sibling posing, and props.

Each day will be 6 hours long and include a light lunch. We won’t be discussing editing, but there will be video tutorials available for you to download at home following the class(s).

To register for either one, you’ll need to grab a spot with your payment, here-

Full payment is required for this experience due to high demand for workshops. If you cancel your spot, you will be responsible for filling it if you wish for a refund.

Book a spot for yourself now, and join this limited opportunity to step up your newborn photography game in 2016! Do something for YOU- to build and enhance your business, and stand out from the rest. Join me!

Book a seat for the ACP Newborn Experience workshop in North Baltimore, OH for March 2016

I hope to see some of you in my studio in the Spring. Many hugs! Thank you for all of your loving support over the years.xo

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Shooting the Milestones: ACP E-Guide Preorder {Infant Milestone Workshops}

I mentioned doing workshops or an E-Guide on infant milestones– a much neglected topic in the popular newborn photography education industry- late last year and then was so busy working, that things got a little silent. Guess what homies- release date is closer so it’s time for a preorder party!

In this guide we will comprehensively discuss infant milestone sessions! While this guide is NOT centered around newborns, it DOES have one chapter on the 5 basic beanbag poses– side laying, tushie up, front facing, froggy, and taco. This will start our discussing of working with and booking milestone babies, and lead into the main content!

Milestone sessions are often shied away from, as many photographers experience there preverbal “brain fart” when it comes to variety and working with these little people! Newborns are “easy”- there is a posing flow that you tend to stick to each session, and they sleep a lot- 1 year olds are usually walking- so you follow them around, and you photograph them like most children. But the milestones- 3 month (the big one most photographers are afraid of!), 6 month and 9 months have the least amount of aid in terms of inspiration, tips and tricks, and ways to boost your own creative spark so that you aren’t feeling bored and redundant during these sessions. Photographers fear and often turn away 3 month clients, encouraging them to “come back when baby is 6 months” because they just don’t know what to do with them at that age. “But all they do is lay there!” Guys, there’s so much you are missing out on!

This E-Guide will cover the newborn poses mentioned above (only those poses- no parent prep, studio prep, all that stuff- that’s in the newborn e-workshop!) and then continue into each milestone in detail.

We will also discuss things like:

-Working IN a studio or a make-shift studio with natural light or studio lighting
-How to use reflectors to get even clean lighting
-Using natural and studio light TOGETHER (yes, this is amazing!)
-Incorporating in props or keeping it simple (both ways are super stunning!)
-The vendors I love most to shop from when buying props for milestone babies
-When I schedule my milestone sessions and how I prepare parents for THESE sessions (you didn’t think newborns were the only ones that needed special prep, did you??)
-Offering and booking First Year Plans, how I designed my plan(s) and the pricing/thought process behind that
-Taking these little critters outdoors- how to rock those sessions if you can’t shoot in the golden hour, and how to rock them if you do!
-Getting the most variety while keeping your set of images cohesive and true to your client, in the least amount of time
-Rocking the mini session- time efficient for you, cost efficient for mom, and keeps baby from getting tired/overstimulated/cranky!
-Getting those elusive smiles, or playing up the babies that naturally smile a lot
-What I do when baby is fussy (hint: it’s usually NOT rescheduling!) to keep baby happy, client happy, and the gallery full of beautiful shots
-Incorporating parents into milestone sessions in more creative, unique and memorable ways than just the basic “hold baby and smile” pose
-How to rock props and do it safely
-MORE, dudes.

This bad boy is set for an August 30th release. With all of the content covered including beanbag newborn posing, it will be tagged at $249– preorders can score this fabulous E-Guide of “Amy in your back pocket” for only $99!

YES, there are videos!

Preorder now to snag this incredible deal:)

Preorders are LIMITED in number! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Click here to save $150!

Questions? Email me!




ACP Online Newborn Experience E-Workshop! {Newborn Posing Workshops Online}

ACP ONE (Online Newborn Experience) course material has been released – August 1st, 2015 in a comprehensive E-workshop unlike anything you’ve seen before! This is NOT an update the original ACP Newborn E-guide, but rather an all new e-course with all new material!

Week 1 content covers:

*Anatomy- Newborn skin, preemies, safety when handling limbs and positioning baby, circulatory systems in depth, and more
*Settling Techniques including research pulled from the pros!

This SINGLE chapter is 15 pages of content- and ACP ONE was an 8 week course. Are you excited yet?! How about a TINY sneak?

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.59.01 AM

Following weeks cover things like-

-Parent Prep, Studio Prep (including beanbag setup), and a tour of my studio
-Beanbag poses- 6 of them, with variations covered as well!
-Composites- Froggy and Potato Sack poses with updated techniques! (Combined with the Beanbag Poses as a for-sale section)
-Props! Including prep and shooting- covering things like basket/bucket style props, crates, and other unique props and how to use them safely.
-Lighting- both natural and studio lighting (THIS section was also delivered to previous e-guide buyers)
– Wrapping- from the basic effective swaddle, to the more fun and fancy styles you drool over!
-Parent posing- updated techniques posing mom, dad, parents together
-Sibling posing- new and updated sibling poses! Now including family posing as well.

That’s not even everything. Your mind will be blown. Imagine spending a week shooting newborns together- THAT is an idea of how much we’ll cover! The PDF portion is 60 pages, while the videos are separate- there are 38 of them!

Order on sale here 

If you have any questions, email!


Reagan is One!

My little cousin recently turned 1 in late March, and we finally got a chance to do her session outdoors! It seemed like just a few months ago that she was a wee little newborn. Wow! We decided to try for late April when the weather would hopefully be cooperative by then, and of course got the day that it was slightly chilly and very overcast with the threat of rain.


We made it though, and she was such a cutie! It’s amazing how fast they grow. Reagan was born about 2-ish weeks before my Brooklyn (and they are cousins) so we are hoping they grow up close:)


By the end, she was ready to quit- hence the paci and the blankie. I love it!!:)Reminds you exactly what babyhood is made of. Happy birthday Reagan!



You can see some of her 3 month images here, 6 month images in this September post (I’m sure you can pick her out, she has such beautiful features!) and I haven’t yet blogged December 2014 but I will soon (her 9 month is in there!)

Nashville, TN Newborn Photography Workshop {Newborn Posing and More Workshop June 2015}

This post has been edited to be moved up in the blog so that it’s the most recent published- originally published July 2014:)

I polled you guys and you answered- and LOUDLY! So Nashville, I’m coming to you!
Each class is limited to 5 photographers to create an intimate and nurturing learning environment. No fighting with anywhere from 7-11 other photographers to see, hear and be heard- yes, I have seen other classes advertised before with 12 photographers and ONE teacher- to me that’s crazy! With my 5:1 workshops, you’re promised to get the time and attention you need to truly LEARN, and walk away exhilarated and ready to apply new techniques to your business as you see fit!

2015 workshop tuition has been set at $1000.00. This rate has been carefully calculated not only based on travel costs, studio rental, meals and included take-home items, but the value of the education itself. You will be learning EVERYTHING I have learned the hard way through blood, sweat and tears over what will be 6 YEARS of being in business. We will be shooting 2 full-length newborn sessions!

This workshop has been set for:
Friday, June 5th, 2015 at 8:00am – 1 seat recently available- full payment due to book
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 at 8:00am- SOLD OUT


At: Studio Berry Hill in Nashville, TN.
Classes will last approximately 10 hours.

At this point, the full balance is due to book your seat. Payments will be accepted via Paypal or credit card!