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ONE Newborn Workshop Available for 2016- North Baltimore, Ohio


Because Sometimes,

you can’t have too much of a good thing.

2015 has brought many blessings to our family. After a very long time of preparation and anticipation, we took our first trip to Disney World- it was pretty good, to start- but soon we started dropping and realized that someone had shared the flu on the plane, on our way down. Talk about a miserable and expensive week in a room! All of that time planning, prepping, and being so unbelievably excited- ruined. We clung onto the pictures and the good memories that we DID have before illness grabbed hold, and we hold those memories dear knowing that we will make our way back to “do it right” the next time. (We also went over Spring Break which was a huge mistake-the crowds…never again! Just don’t do it.)

2015 also brought the surprise announcement of another sweet Cook baby- this little blessing will be joining us in October- only 6 weeks to go! We are really excited- especially since we held back and didn’t find out the gender this time! For those of you that don’t know me as well as others, we have 4 little girls already- ages 17 months through 7 years:)

2015 brought on many VERY tough decisions regarding ACP- scaling back to past/existing clients only for 2016 and beyond, and retiring all workshops- both in anticipation of the arrival of Cook baby #5. Anyone with children knows how expensive childcare is with 1 or even 2 kids- but 5? It can be cray. For some, it’s not even worth going to work because they are paying their sitter everything they make! It also came with the acknowledgement that while I can’t be a stay at home mom (I would probably go crazy after a while, anyway!) I still need to cut back because work was creeping back in and taking over my life again- something I swore I would never let happen again, after a nightmare of a year in the past- overbooking, overworked, never seeing my family.

Unfortunately, it also brought some negative times, just like many of you have probably experienced this year as well- unpredictable job schedules (any railroad wives here? You feel me.), my husband and I both losing dear friends, and many people backing out on workshop seats, sessions, even WEDDINGS- which in turn causes a huge financial loss for a small business owner when this is their bread and butter! While I was sad to have officially taught my last newborn workshop only a few short weeks ago- these cancellations caused enough of a discomfort in our family- especially with my upcoming much-needed maternity leave (my body just doesn’t handle pregnancy the way it did with my first born!) that I entertained- and ultimately acknowledged the demand for a newborn workshop in my studio. While traveling is just no longer in the cards for me- with 5 kids, 2 of which are currently in school- and a husband whose work schedule is so sporadic I never know what days or shifts he’s going to work until a very short window before he actually does go in (he is “on call”)- I still have a beautiful studio here in North Baltimore, OH that I have been proud to call home to ACP.

Are you still here? Thank you for allowing me to share my story, and be real with you:)Now, to the main event.

While I can’t schedule a last-minute class for this year due to the arrival of our last child at the end of October- and winter weather in Ohio being SO unpredictable that it’s crazy stressful- I have decided to open a 1 or 2-day class in March, aiming for mid-month when hopefully all of the winter madness is over. After 4 years of teaching workshops, I swore (this was before the decision to retire!) that I would never teach a winter class again- without fail it will blizzard the night before- causing attendees to wonder if they should come or not- models to back out, etc. Nobody needs that stress- neither me- nor those that have invested in the class, or those committed to coming for a modeling spot! 

The 2 days being reserved for this class/classes in North Baltimore, OH are:

Saturday, March 19th
Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Each day will have available space for 8 people. You can attend one day for $500, or both for $875. Availability for either date-including the ability for you to attend BOTH dates at the discount, is on a first-come, first-serve basis.Day 1 (Saturday, March 19th) will be a Simply Newborn Experience

-This day will focus strictly on beanbag posing and various forms of wrapping.

Day 2 (Sunday, March 20th) will be an Enhanced Newborn Experience

-This day will focus on parent posing, sibling posing, and props.

Each day will be 6 hours long and include a light lunch. We won’t be discussing editing, but there will be video tutorials available for you to download at home following the class(s).

To register for either one, you’ll need to grab a spot with your payment, here-

Full payment is required for this experience due to high demand for workshops. If you cancel your spot, you will be responsible for filling it if you wish for a refund.

Book a spot for yourself now, and join this limited opportunity to step up your newborn photography game in 2016! Do something for YOU- to build and enhance your business, and stand out from the rest. Join me!

Book a seat for the ACP Newborn Experience workshop in North Baltimore, OH for March 2016

I hope to see some of you in my studio in the Spring. Many hugs! Thank you for all of your loving support over the years.xo

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