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ACP Online Newborn Experience E-Workshop! {Newborn Posing Workshops Online}

ACP ONE (Online Newborn Experience) course material has been released – August 1st, 2015 in a comprehensive E-workshop unlike anything you’ve seen before! This is NOT an update the original ACP Newborn E-guide, but rather an all new e-course with all new material!

Week 1 content covers:

*Anatomy- Newborn skin, preemies, safety when handling limbs and positioning baby, circulatory systems in depth, and more
*Settling Techniques including research pulled from the pros!

This SINGLE chapter is 15 pages of content- and ACP ONE was an 8 week course. Are you excited yet?! How about a TINY sneak?

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.59.01 AM

Following weeks cover things like-

-Parent Prep, Studio Prep (including beanbag setup), and a tour of my studio
-Beanbag poses- 6 of them, with variations covered as well!
-Composites- Froggy and Potato Sack poses with updated techniques! (Combined with the Beanbag Poses as a for-sale section)
-Props! Including prep and shooting- covering things like basket/bucket style props, crates, and other unique props and how to use them safely.
-Lighting- both natural and studio lighting (THIS section was also delivered to previous e-guide buyers)
– Wrapping- from the basic effective swaddle, to the more fun and fancy styles you drool over!
-Parent posing- updated techniques posing mom, dad, parents together
-Sibling posing- new and updated sibling poses! Now including family posing as well.

That’s not even everything. Your mind will be blown. Imagine spending a week shooting newborns together- THAT is an idea of how much we’ll cover! The PDF portion is 60 pages, while the videos are separate- there are 38 of them!

Order on sale here 

If you have any questions, email!