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Reagan is One!

My little cousin recently turned 1 in late March, and we finally got a chance to do her session outdoors! It seemed like just a few months ago that she was a wee little newborn. Wow! We decided to try for late April when the weather would hopefully be cooperative by then, and of course got the day that it was slightly chilly and very overcast with the threat of rain.


We made it though, and she was such a cutie! It’s amazing how fast they grow. Reagan was born about 2-ish weeks before my Brooklyn (and they are cousins) so we are hoping they grow up close:)


By the end, she was ready to quit- hence the paci and the blankie. I love it!!:)Reminds you exactly what babyhood is made of. Happy birthday Reagan!



You can see some of her 3 month images here, 6 month images in this September post (I’m sure you can pick her out, she has such beautiful features!) and I haven’t yet blogged December 2014 but I will soon (her 9 month is in there!)