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Baby Dante

I first met Melanie and Eric back in 2011 when they booked their wedding with me through a friend’s referral. In 2012, I photographed their beautiful wedding only 2 weeks after giving birth to our third daughter, Avalyn. While I missed my little girl, it was an incredible day with a lot of wonderful people:)3 years later, I had the honor of photographing their first born son, Dante. When Melanie got ahold of me last year to book a 1 year plan for this baby, I was beyond ecstatic! She brought some goodies for him, items from when she was little, some things from his nursery, etc. We didn’t get to use them all, as Dante was a little stinker for a while and wouldn’t sleep- but once he did, he sacked and I got as much as I could before he woke up again a little bit later. We got through all the poses, just not all the props:)I think we are going to use some of them during his 6 month! Check out this sweetie. He was a big boy, too!! 13 days old and he felt like a 3-4 weeker to me. Lol!!:)