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Branded USB Drives from {Photography Products}

A while back, I received an email from the guys at asking if I would be interested in testing out some of their USB drives. Although I love my Artsy drives and how they are custom printed with an image etc, they are a bit pricy and take FOREVER (sorry guys!) to show up. I mean 7-10 days from ordering and when I have a rather quick turnaround editing, it seems silly to hold those images until the USB finally shows up, even when I came home and ordered it the night I shot their session. So I end up sending out online download links- then I’m still sending a USB just for physical purposes. And overall, it seemed pretty redundant. So I said sure! I sent them my logo, and USB Memory Direct quickly got back to me with a couple of mock-ups and I decided to go with the silver on white drives. Once they shipped, they showed up super quickly and my package of 25 drives were shining and ready for test.

So far, so good! The only downside was that my logo is pastel (my own fault, not theirs!) so it doesn’t show up quite as boldly on the stainless steel print area, but it still looks great. I love that they have a little loop where you can insert a ring or chain to hang it on your keyring, or wherever may be convenient for you. They have different memory sizes, but the 8GB works perfectly for my client sessions since I’m primarily a portrait photographer! The transfer speed is quick, and the swivel is sturdy yet glides easily, and overall, I’m very impressed. Here’s what mine looked like- the logo is printed on both sides:)The picture sucks, but it’s pretty hard to photograph on stainless- especially a light-colored logo. Lol!

IMG_3119 copy

If you want to check them out for yourself, you can visit USBMemoryDirect here. They have several different styles. Some are pretty crazy sweet!

Until later!