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January Mentoring Sessions x2

Aside from traveling to Houston to teach workshops, I also taught 2 1:1 mentoring sessions in my studio. First I got to work with Joanna, and then Savannah (who came clear from Georgia to work with me!) We had amazing models both times and the sessions went great:)

Baby Zayley- she was our “live in model” for the day when I worked with Joanna:)



And this sweet little girl visited too! I’m terrible at remembering model names. I need to put it into my application/release forms for them to enter the name. Lol! I remembered Zayley’s because I know her mom personally:)



Then Savannah came to visit and she was just such a sweetheart! We had this handsome little guy first- he slept really well for the beanbag stuff but after that- he looked at me like I was kidding when I asked him to sleep. Haha!!:)



Then this gorgeous girl came to visit and luckily, slept like a rock:)So we got everything covered!



At this point in time, I’m no longer offering workshops aside from what is scheduled remaining this year. If you would like information on those, check out the blog posts for the Nashville workshop on June 3, or the Chicago workshop on August 5. That’s all that remains with open seats!