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Houston, TX Newborn Workshop- Final Images

At this point, Ive been teaching workshops for 3 1/2 years. This weekend ended up being one of those where if someone could go wrong, it did. I forgot to renew my driver’s license (thought it expired NEXT year!), so I wasn’t allowed to rent my car and had to cab it all weekend. Fine, but I already paid for the car. And the hotel. And I had to get a NEW hotel, because of cabbing it- being 20 min outside the city would have cost probably every bit as much as just getting the hotel down the street from where I was working. Then, the hotel I found only had one night available so I had to  unload all my stuff, then pack it ALL up the next morning and take it all to the studio, then pack it all back up and take it to my new hotel for the next 2 nights. PHEW. Someone attending the first day had to cancel and I couldn’t fill the extra seat on such short notice, so out the extra money she owed for the balance. This going alongside all the extra expenses I incurred that weekend from cabbing, new hotel, etc :p

The workshops went pretty decent. We had okay babies- not the best I’ve ever had, so it was definitely a little stressful in terms of them not cooperating, and me not being able to cover all the poses with babies refusing to sleep. Gah!

The night before I left, I forgot phone charger at the studio and had to survive off very little phone battery the rest of the night- by morning it was at 2%- just enough to be in touch with the studio employee to cab myself back there and get my cord. Phew. When I arrived at the airport $50 later (cabs, sigh), I was going through security and realized I didn’t have my wedding ring on. I had left it in the shower. When I called the hotel, he said they would send someone from housekeeping to look- red flag to me, and I should have said no- instead I said okay, and waited for a callback. Not surprisingly, they called back saying nothing was found. Shocker…so I had to file with my insurance company after filing a police report, and got a whopping $1000 back for my $5000 ring set. Lesson learned on not having things itemized on your insurance and you  better believe I added my new ring to my policy separately, as soon as I brought it home! I was absolutely devastated for days after that happened and just cried. MY ring. How can someone be so cruel and greedy?

Overall, it was definitely a learning experience even though late in the game, and while the weekend itself was a disaster, I’m grateful for all the ladies I met and the wonderful families we worked with. I forged a lot of new friendships that weekend:)

How about some pictures? Thank you to The Houston Studio for allowing me to host at your incredible space!




At this point in time, I’m no longer offering workshops aside from what is scheduled remaining this year. If you would like information on those, check out the blog posts for the Nashville workshop on June 3, or the Chicago workshop on August 5. That’s all that remains with open seats!