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August 2014 Sessions

Okay okay, it’s time to step things up a notch. These posts are backdated, but I’m actually trying to catch up in April 2015- I know, I know I know!! Shhhh.

This is August 2014 minus Wes and Holly’s session that I just blogged separately. Don’t shoot me, haha!

These are in no particular order of when they were photographed. I don’t want to go to that much effort of looking dates up in the file data. haha:)


Alex and Matthew’s engagement- she’s actually related to me! They were visiting from Alaska, where he’s stationed. Thank you Matthew, for your service:)Can’t wait for this wedding!



Alyssa & Kaelan’s Engagement session at the North Market in Columbus. Probably my favorite engagement to date! Not only do I so love these two, but this theme was just so fun. And it was my first time at North Market. And now I’m obsessed! Good thing it’s 2 hours away, lol. This wedding is going to be so freaking incredible!



The Palmcook family- I’ve been working with them since 2010 and loving every minute:)I can’t wait for little boy #3!



The Greer family- this was for Arron’s 6 year- I always love their sessions, so stylish! And this boy- well he’s just my favorite. Haha:)



The Cox family- Sara is a photographer out of Maumee/Toledo area and a friend. Funny story- we tried another location and apparently you have to call ahead and schedule your time there (um, what?) plus they only allow photographers until 5pm. 5pm…in August. Um, no. The lady was at least nice enough to point us this direction down the road and this place ended up being a goldmine. Way better! So we both have a new shooting spot now:)



Finally, baby Wyatt’s newborn session. The Tennant’s are another loyal client of mine! I’ve known Sara since our 4-H Camp days LONG ago:)I’ve been photographing her family since Jax was first born.