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*NEW* Preorders open at 50% off for ACP DSLR E-Guide including diagrams, videos, and easy to understand material! {Online workshops, DSLR 101, Shooting in Manual}

With the success of over 600 copies sold to satisfied photographers of the ACP Newborn E-Workshop Guide, I’m really excited to announce a similar product with every bit as much love put into it, for everyone else- DSLR 101/shooting in manual! These classes have always been SUPER popular when I offered them but being that they were so low-cost, I couldn’t justify traveling for them because it wasn’t cost-effective at all. I didn’t want to add a ton more people to a class because then it would be too crowded and people weren’t getting the 1:1 time they needed to ask questions and learn.

This guide is being designed (by myself!) similar to the newborn e-guide. There will be embedded videos (but also a separate folder of non-flash videos that you can watch on the side), diagrams, and most importantly, laymen’s terms talk in order to help understand what can otherwise be complicated material. When I started out and was trying to learn manual, I was frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed. No book that I ever read even showed me what a light meter (in camera) was- but it talked about it all the time, and I just couldn’t follow along. I tried to wrap my head around aperture, ISO and shutter speed but I just didn’t get it. It was HARD to learn manual starting out!

This is why i started teaching these classes in person. It became a huge valuable resource to beginning photographers, but also just mom or dad with a DSLR that wanted to learn how to properly use it. They wanted to shoot in low light without flash, but didn’t know how. They wanted decent pictures of their kids aside from their iPhone, but only knew how to use this expensive “toy” in auto mode, thus defeating the purpose of spending all that money. This is where I came in. Every class, it was lightbulb after lightbulb going off. I’ve taught aspiring photographers (NOTE- this is not mentoring on how to be a photographer. I won’t teach you how to shoot at certain angles or about composition, etc) how to get that DSLR out of auto and into manual mode, giving them full control and freedom. I taught them how to use their different white balance settings for better, more accurate color. I taught them how to toggle focus points to have total control over what they wanted that camera to focus on. I showed parents with a new DSLR a whole new world of documenting their lives in a beautiful way. That DSLR was no longer just an expensive paperweight. I showed them how to unleash its potential and create images that shined.

This E-Workshop Guide will include videos and you will be able to read and study at your own pace. I will speak in laymen’s terms but will also build you up to some pro terms as well so you don’t go out into the world clueless. Trust me though, you won’t ever feel like a fish out of water. I’m here for you!

All PREORDERS only will also receive a printed hard copy of the guide in the mail. Make sure your Paypal info is correct at checkout. The guide releases November 1, 2014 at $100. Right now preorders are only $50! That’s 75% off what I charge for in-person group classes on this exact same material:)Of course there’s a private Facebook group too for continued guidance, cc if you like, and to share progress:)THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT- THE PDF WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON RELEASE DAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2014. PREORDERS WILL RECEIVE A PRINTED HARD COPY AS WELL.

To preorder the ACP Teaches DSLR 101 E-Workshop Guide, visit here. Preorders will only be available during the month of September. Thank you so much!!