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Chelsy and Josh’s Engagement Session {Ohio Engagement Photographer}

Okay okay okay. I have to tell you a brief story.

Chelsy is my dear friend Alyssa’s half-sister. When Alyssa messaged me asking if I still shot engagements, I just about peed myself. No, really! I’ve been friends with Alyssa and photographing her for almost 5 years. I LOVE her. Love. I could sit here all day long and tell you what an AMAZING person she is. How absolutely kind, committed, selfless and darn perfect she is. The fun styled session I did with her and her boyfriend Kaelan a few years ago at the local county fair is still one of my favorites to date. EVER. Excuse the quality here- I pulled these off of Facebook because I didn’t want to hook up an old hard drive to get files from 2011:)

Instead she was looking for a solid referral to give Chelsy who now lives in Arkansas with her fiancĂ© Josh, but was going to be home visiting and looking for engagement photos. I told her of course that I would love to! So after emailing with Chelsy and setting up a session, we met up about a week or so later and the session…rocked. Josh is an army man, and the love between these two was just so very tangible. The session started out a little quiet being that we had literally JUST met- barely had much time to email before the session- but it picked up in mere MINUTES and we were talking, laughing, and having a great time. I think Chelsy was a tad camera shy which I just can’t imagine- because she’s a BOMBSHELL- but Josh was more than camera-loving and was a NATURAL at sweet, intimate moments for my camera. I didn’t have to do much direction because you could tell just by the way that he held her, touched her and kissed her- that he was absolutely head over heels- and together, we made magic:)In some of these images, I just adore his face- you can FEEL how content he is with her in his arms. The love is just radiant.

To end my not-so short story: a couple weeks later, Alyssa and her AWESOME boyfriend whom I absolutely adore- got engaged on the 4th of July. When I saw the announcement, I instantly cried. Another wedding that I am so looking forward to that I’m already an emotional basket case over it:)So what turned out to be a giggly “I wish I were emailing you about me” message, turned out to be the real thing only a couple weeks later. Happy endings all around!

Back to Chelsy and Josh- THANK YOU Josh, for your service. You sir, are amazing.