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Maternity Session With Jessica Paxson Photography {Ohio Maternity Photographer}

I can’t say enough fabulous things about my friend Jess- I’ve worked with her several times in the past and have never been disappointed! When we became pregnant with our 4th child, Jessica Paxson was the first to come to mind in shooting my maternity session. Her ability to see a scene, the light, the composition, and her processing- the boldness, the color- have always attracted me to her work. It doesn’t hurt that she’s great with kids too, and I had 3 rowdy ones at the time! It was a chilly evening, windy, had rained earlier on so everything was wet and muddy- and to top it off, I had a husband whose work schedule was ALWAYS changing and more or less worked on-call so to say that I was stressed out about getting them done, was an understatement:)Ava was also sick, so she was grumpy, and needed to stay out of the cool wind as much as possible.

Earlier that day I hit up the salon for a Global Keratin treatment, and had a color boost the day before. I was feeling pretty hot:)Unfortunately with GK, you can’t put your hair up, use headbands, or tuck it behind your ears for a full 48 hours while the treatment takes effect (it’s a hair straightening and smoothing treatment). The wind made this pretty tricky 😉

In taking a break from blogging photography related schtuff and client sessions, I do like to share personal posts here and there:)So here are some of my fave images from our session with Jessica in March of 2014. Thank you Jess!!

You can visit her here on Facebook and her Website. Jessica is located near Bluffton, OH.