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Reagan Ariana {Ohio Newborn Photographer}

The day we broke the news to family that we were expecting our fourth child, we learned some AMAZING news from my husband’s cousin and his wife- they were finally expecting their first sweet baby, a much wanted blessing, too!! The congratulations were abundant and the happiness was contagious. They briefly chatted about genders (my husband and his cousin are the only boys in the family of their generation) and carrying on the Cook name, and all that jazz. When Ryan got off the phone, he was bursting with excitement for his cousin and this amazing little miracle they were going to partake in- parenthood.

Fast forward a few months, and they found out that sweet baby would be a little girl- fast forward another few weeks, and we found out we were having our fourth girl too! The Cook name might not be going forward, at least at this moment- but we are all blessed with so many beautiful girls that will grow into breathtaking young women, give us wonderful son in laws, and maybe someday, some grandsons (and daughters of course!)

Reagan was the BEST little sleeper- once she ate and was out, that was it- this session was to say the least, pretty dang easy. I got a little more creative with the backdrops- something I could never do when I worked out of my home, and I love how they turned  out. Check out this sweet little bundle- blogged just in time, as I’ll be shooting her 3 month session in just a few days this week! This was my last session before maternity leave, but the ambition to blog it just wasn’t there- once I was done working, I was ready to be OFF work for a while:)Stick around, because I’ll be a shooting/editing/blogging machine and you should see new posts every week here!

Much love,