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90% off Sale at BP4U Photography Guides! Talk.about.a.STEAL!

Recently, BP4U held a 90% off summer sale- I shared it with my Facebook fans, and they went CRAZY. Who wouldn’t at 90% off? You’re telling me I can pay a measly 10% of retail price?

Yes, my friends, that’s what I’m telling you.

Anyways, after the sale ended, Brooke extended a special code my way to share with you guys, so you could continue to enjoy a deep discount on your favorite goodies for a little longer. As of right now, this code will remain active UNTIL Monday, June 22nd in the morning. 90 PERCENT OFF.

So if you visit them here: BP4U Guides 

And use code AMY90, you can get 90% off of ANYTHING in the store. An-y-thing.

Education is key!

Oh, and they also have some great templates, actions & presets, and other good stuff too:)

Here are a few of my personal favorites!


The Pro’s Guide to Senior Girl Photography

How To Price Starting Out

The Pro’s Guide to Posing Families

The Pro’s Guide to Children Photography

Blogging Made Easy!

Intermediate Guide To Flash (They have a beginners guide to lighting too if you need to step back a little!)

The Ultimate Studio Guide

Frequently Asked Questions For Photographers– really really great for newbies, BUT there is so much in there, I think most levels can learn a few new things, or new ways of looking at something. I know I did, and I’m 5 years in the business!

The Ultimate Mini Session Guide

Have you filled up your cart yet? And then watched HUNDREDS of dollars drop off with my awesome code for 90% off?!

You’re welcome:)

Happy shopping, friends!