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Kent’s 1st Birthday {Findlay Toledo Ohio Baby Toddler Child Photographer}

The last time I saw Kent, for a session or in person was for his newborn session. Although I’m friends with his parents, Brittany & Nathan, I watched him grow over the past year on Facebook- and grow he did! Kent went from a few weeks premature, to a 27 pound 1 year old! He’s grown into a sweet, smiley boy and you can tell that his parents are just over the moon to have him:)We had fun recreating a few setups from his newborn session just to compare size and how much everyone has changed:)He also KILLED his birthday cake (that mama made!) and was probably my best smash-cake baby to date. It seems like I always end up with littles that aren’t interested in the cake and hate getting dirty- but Kent devoured his:)We are going to do some more after the weather straightens up too- out on location. Enjoy these pictures, along with some of the “Then & Now” comparisons that we did! Happy birthday Kent!! Oh yeah- and the ultrasound shot is NOT an indication of a sibling coming- LOL!! After I shot it, I told Brittany that people may get the wrong idea, but that’s NOT what it is!! Haha!!:)It’s Kent’s ultrasound picture:)Okay that’s all!