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Joint Workshop with Lindsey Scholz- Cabin Retreat

Back in March of last year, Lindsey and I started casually talking about hosting a workshop together- we’ve been friends for 3 years now, and both have a love for newborns. While I hail from NW Ohio, near Toledo, Lindsey is down by Columbus. Her in-laws have a beautiful, HUGE cabin in Frazeysburg (near Zanesville) that they graciously allowed us to use to host our workshop weekend, and we started making plans- we had SO much we wanted to do, and the possibilities truly were endless with such an amazing space. We opened the class to 8 girls, and spent 2 full days teaching, hanging out, and building new friendships. Lodging and meals were including in the fare, so it was one big weekend, from Friday night dinner until Sunday morning breakfast, or bonding and learning. I ended up taking my oldest daughter with me, and all of the workshop gals loved her (she’s 5, almost 6). Friday was actually my birthday so while I should have spent it at a home, it was an amazing weekend and I had a blast with everyone:)

I’ll just share my images, and then you can visit Lindsey here if you like to see what she posted:)Day 1 had 3 models which we posed and taught with, taking turns- day 2 was hands on for the workshop gals, with them being divided between Lindsey and I, and getting to practice the posing themselves with our help. We had 2 babies at a time so we each had one baby and a set of workshop attendees at all times. It was great!

Although it was a long and busy weekend, I would definitely consider doing it again- probably  not during the winter though when the roads are terrifying driving through the hilly/curvy woods to get to the cabin 😉 LOL!