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2014 Newborn Photography Workshop Schedule- North Baltimore, OH

Please note- the only class with an obvious mileage restriction is the Ohio class- you must reside/work at least 80 miles from North  Baltimore, OH – 45872. Thank you:)


To fill out an application, please email Thanks!!:)


The only open workshop currently is in OHIO. The cost will be $1300, with half being due to book and the other half on February 1st. Right now the itinerary would roughly look as follows:
9am meet and greet, lecture and outline of the days. I will ask you to bring 10 images from your recent newborn portfolio for a gentle critique so that we can start your weekend off on the right foot, fixing any prior issue and only moving up, up UP!

10-1pm: Model 1- I will pose and talk through- everyone will be able to photograph the main poses and get instant feedback on positioning/angle/camera settings

1-2:30pm – Lunch break and editing

2:30-5:30pm – Model 2 – same details as model 1!

It SOUNDS like a short day, but I assure you that after two FULL newborn sessions, it won’t be 😉

9am- recap of the previous day and outline of the upcoming events. Model 3 will actually show up now and start feeding for a 9:30am session.

9:30am-11:30am – Model 3- will allow the important hands-on practice. Today will be focused on practice and perfecting the poses and angles, not so much the shooting. Everyone will have multiple opportunities to practice poses and photograph them. You will only photograph the shots that you posed- to make the best use of time. Everyone should have gotten the main poses photographed on day 1, so today is all about the WORK! 

11:30-2pm: Model 4- same as model 3 with hands on posing. This will be our final model. 

2-4pm: Late lunch, editing, and designated Q&A, and end of day 2:)
You will also receive my newborn e-guide after class and access to the Facebook group to continue asking questions and receiving cc/guidance, etc. Everyone will go home today with a newborn prop and one of my favorite throws! I hope to see some of you there!
If you are interested in grabbing a seat, contact me for the booking link!
Booking and payment details: The half-down deposit is $650 which would be due to grab your seat. The remaining $650 balance is due February 1st, 2014. Deposits are nonrefundable, and if you cancel, you are responsible for refilling your own seat if you would like a refund. If you cancel past the second payment date, this is nonrefundable as well. If you want me to try and fill your seat, a $50 fee will apply and be deducted from your refund if the seat does fill. The most that I can do is contact a waiting list (if there is one) and post on my Facebook page if this occurs. Unfortunately I had a lot of cancellation issues with flaky people in 2013, so my payment and refund policies have become a lot more strict due to this. I spent countless hours trying to refill seats after people bailed, and then got their full refund and went on their way- while i spent unpaid hours trying to accommodate their sudden change in schedule/budget/interest away from my family and business obligations, advertising these empty seats, answering emails about them, processing refunds, etc. So the policies this upcoming year are very firm:)Please make sure you are committed.
Also- Paypal only has a 60 day refund period- if you cancel 60 days after a payment has been made, you will only receive a refund of the net amount, minus Paypal fees (IF your seat fills of course)- this prevents me from paying extra money out of my pocket to give you a full refund. I feel this is only fair.
Business requirements: 
-You must be an established business for at least 6 months. You need to be legit, pay your taxes, and respect the industry.
-You/your business must reside at least 80 miles from North Baltimore, OH- 45872
-You MUST and I can’t stress this enough- know what ISO, shutter speed and aperture are, and how to use them to make necessary image changes. You need to be comfortable shooting in manual and know it like the back of your hand:)Know how to set and toggle focus points, and set white balance, etc. I will NOT be teaching DSLR 101 this weekend! If you are ready to take a newborn posing class, you need to already know how to use your camera and get constant, correct exposures. I have always made this a requirement but you would be surprised the number of people that have led me on, and showed up to class not having a clue. It holds up the rest of the class, and hinders their ability to get the beautiful images I am trying to help them achieve on their own.
-A wide/standard prime lens is a requirement. If you have a higher end zoom like a 24-70mm 2.8, that will be okay, but I prefer a prime for teaching purposes. If you are on a full frame, a 35 or 50mm. On a crop sensor, preferably a 35mm or wider so that you have enough working room to shoot. You can always borrow from a friend, or even rent. Renting a prime isn’t expensive:)I can recommend online rental companies.
Further disclaimer: All payments are nonrefundable following the completion of class. If you have ANY concerns whatsoever during class- something you would like to see covered, something you are unsure of and need to see again, or if I’m just not explaining well enough for you to absorb (i’m a “i need details person” myself!) you NEED to let me know DURING class, and not complain afterward. I promise I will do EVERYTHING to make sure this class is phenomenal for you, and worth your investment:)All attendees will be required to sign a contract stating that they do have the above listed business requirements, will not teach workshops for 1 year following attendance of this class, will not share the e-guide with anyone, and understand that no refunds will be given after completing the workshop. Oh and having fun is  a big requirement, that will probably be in bold 😉
Thank you, and I look forward to meeting some of you!:)