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Newborn Workshop Reunion March 1-2 {Newborn Mentoring and Workshops}

In March, I invited all past workshop attendees to come back for a reunion class- a refresher. They could either participate hands-on for a very small fee: practicing their posing and techniques with my guidance, or they could just sit back and watch as a “silent seat” at no charge. We had lunch, played with lots of babies, and I got some behind the scenes to share as well from my assistants! Each day was a separate group of girls, as about 10 or so came altogether!

Oh and the super “cute” bw shot of me at the end? I was laughing..because I just got pooped on…like massive diarrhea. Oy vey. lol. YUCK! Had to throw those jeans out. It never came out in the wash! Stained forever:(Oh yeah, and on day 1…we had a little baby boy..with TEETH! Born with teeth. Two of ’em. It was crazy!