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Newborn Mentoring with Gosia Busuttil

In March, right I mentored Gosia in newborns:)My schedule the past few weeks went something like this-

Mentoring Feb 9th
Mentoring Feb 16th
Mentoring Feb 25th
Workshop Reunion for 2 days March 1-2
Mentoring with Gosia March 9th

I literally had one every week for a while! It was a blast, but so tiring, LOL. Gosia showed up in the morning in all of her adorable pregnant glory and we had a fun-filled day with beautiful newborns. She was actually supposed to attend a workshop back in january 2012, but when one of my kids started throwing up the night before the class, I had to call everyone and postpone for a month (next available weekend). Most were able to make it again but several weren’t. Gosia ended up scheduling with me for 1:1 this year:)

Here is our day! The last is Gosia working on her posing:)