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Happy Birthday Madalyn Grace!

Today my oldest turns 5. It sounds cliche, but I could careless- that the last 5 years just flew. 6 almost. It feels like I JUST started at the positive pregnancy test and called Ryan at work to tell him. It feels like I JUST woke up at 2am in labor after crying myself to sleep before bed, tired of being pregnant, tired of not being able to sleep, desperate to finally meet my daughter. And then Ryan comes home from work and asks if he can take a shower first (MEN!) It feels like just yesterday…


And now here we are. Fast-forwarded at lightening speed 5 whole years. She’s so smart, so funny, and so damned polite that even though we have tried to teach her (and all our kids) good manners etc, I still can’t sometimes figure out where she got it. She’s SO polite. She loves preschool and already talks about kindergarten next year. She’s so full of life, and hardly ever complains. If she doesn’t feel good, you can tell before she ever says anything. She’s just a simple child. But I mean that in the best way possible. There’s no drama. Just my beautiful Maddy.


Happy birthday, beautiful.