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Tressel is ONE! {Ohio Baby Photographer}

Tressel was such a sweet, good boy during his 1 year session. He was my very FIRST session of 2013 and we rang the year in the RIGHT way! The weather was crummy and cold, and the roads were iffy, but they made it out here, only getting a *little* lost:)

Most of the time I start getting leary with babies older than 9 months in studio because at that point in time they are mobile, and surely have little minds of their own. My natural state is on-location photography where I can interact more naturally with children, and not chirping like some crazy mother hen trying to get their attention while frantically scrambling to collect them constantly as they venture off of my backdrop at high rates of speed, on a mission to explore:)Out in the open, the world is my backdrop, and my subject, that sweet child- can be free. So when it comes to 1 year session in studio, I will a lot of the time be a little on edge before hand, simply because I’m frantically planning in my mind how to keep their attention, get “the” shot, and walk away with a collection of perfect images that both mom AND myself will love.

Tressel…was awesome. He was born a little premature so he was a little smaller and was taking his good old sweet time learning to walk so he more or less had NO problem sitting in one place for me and hanging out. It was a dream! He laid on a rug, he rocked on his knees, he sat up and cheered, we even did a composite shot of him sitting (and standing next to) a red wagon:)that sure flexed my photoshop muscle!! At the end, we smashed some cake (and it was GOOD!) and I got to keep what was left. YUM!!

I have photographed both of his older brothers in the past, and he is every bit as handsome and sugary sweet. I hope you enjoy these precious images of sweet Tressel!