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Melbourne, FL Newborn & Family Workshop, DSLR Class {Mentoring}

Back in November 2012 I was chatting with my good friend Jamie Salup (Jamie Salup Photography) and we had talked about the possiblity of a newborn workshop down where she lived in Melbourne, FL. Melbourne is along the east coast of Florida, about an hour south of Orlando and according to my friend, was in desperate need for workshops! She generously offered me her studio, and to help me with anything I could possibly need while I was there, including spreading the word, helping with accommodations, etc. She spoiled me rotten, is what she did basically:)LOVE you Jamie!


I got down there on Monday and had so much to do. Get off the plane, find my luggage, get to the rental car place, find my car (um, which took FOREVER! Their parking lot was labeled TERRIBLY and it literally took forever!) get back to my hotel, check in, dump my luggage, clean myself up and head over to Jamie’s studio. We hugged, first time meeting in person finally (Yay!!!) and I unloaded my props I had brought along for the class. She showed me around and then we went to this amazing place for dinner called the Chart House. I wanted crab legs so bad I couldn’t stand it, and the last time I had been to Florida, I had REAL crab legs. The big ones FRESH from the coast. That’s what I wanted:)Chart House was amazing, but CRAZY expensive. Jamie of course insisted on paying (spoiled me, like I said) and we enjoyed dinner and chat:)After dinner I went back to the hotel and tried to relax and clear my mind to try and sleep before the big day. Impossible. Needless to say, I’ve never been a morning person, and being up late DOESN’T HELP when you have to drag your butt out of bed in the early morning!


We had 3 newborn models that day and covered a lot of great stuff. So many of the girls brought ipads and recorded video on them (which I’m totally cool with)- I thought this was genius! One girl sent me a ton of videos which I LOVE.


We breaked for lunch in the middle of the day, and then had a family session on the beach in the evening. Tanya Bernard of Tanya’s Tangles not only assisted me during the workshop, but was kind enough to say yes when I asked her family to be my model family after the one I had lined up backed out 2 days before the workshop. They were ADORABLE. We did some editing after, and then everyone hugged and went home. Some of the girls drove HOURS to work with me. I was freaking HONORED. Oh and the picture of Tanya’s husband…he held our cameras while we got a group picture lol. So funny!


Goodies were provided by Tanya’s Tangles and All3Suns. Check out their talent:)


On Wednesday, I taught a DSLR 101 class while I was there. I only have 1 picture, a group shot- with me holding a Nikon d4 (jamie’s lol) -i’m a nerd!

Afterward I treated myself to a massage, and then went to dinner with Jamie, her friend Nicole, and Tanya. We went to this amazing little Irish pub and it was so delicious! Great atmosphere, friends, and music. Plus Angry Orchard hard cider on tap (yes!) Thursday was time to go home but I had breakfast with Jamie first. It was so hard to say goodbye, but it was an amazing few days. Thanks Jamie, for EVERYTHING you did for me. I love you!


For anyone that missed this class, I will be teaching another Newborn workshop on December 28th of this year, at the same place. Info to book can be found here, or shoot me a message! Thanks!:)