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In-home Lifestyle Session with Emily Tesnow Photography

Emily has been my friend for a few years now. Funny enough, we actually worked together at Olive Garden back in the day, but I think we both thought the other person was a jerk. LOL. Fast forward to the days of photography and after being friends for a few months figuring out how we knew each other, it was thankfully, totally different this time around:)Anyways, Emily & I have done a lot of sessions for each other over the past year or two, and most recently, she did an in-home lifestyle session for my family. I was super nervous, not because of her, or my “messy” house, or my kids- but my husband. He grumbles through sessions like it’s his job, so I was really nervous about how he would approach something totally different like in-home lifestyle, and if he would even tolerate it or would go hide, LOL. But he was good. And although I’m fully capable of taking pictures of my kids myself (and I do) it was amazing to see them through Emily’s eyes, because our visions are so different. And I LOVE hers. Everything about it. So I knew the session would be amazing. I LOVE that she was able to capture me with my children, doing everyday things, something I could never have captured myself. Those of you that think putting your camera on a tripod and using a remote is the same’s not. Wake up:)I am already obsessing over when we can have another session. I want it to be warm out so we can do regular outdoor stuff too- but I seriously can’t wait. Thanks Emily:)

To visit Emily on Facebook, click here. To visit her website and see about hiring her for lifestyle sessions (her specialty) click here. Oh and yes I’m posting every single one. Obsessed. Enjoy!