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Chic Magazine Feature! WOO HOO!!

So a while back (it’s either been so long that I’ve forgotten, or I just have WAY too much on my plate and I’ve forgotten LOL) someone from Chic Magazine emailed me asking about this little boy on a vintage trike against a brick wall image that they saw at one time on Facebook from me. I knew right away what she was referring to, even though the image was from 2011! It must have stuck in her mind (which made me feel AWESOME.) She asked if she could submit it for consideration to be used in this issue of Chic Magazine in an area talking about props. I read Chic and was of course STOKED! I sent the image and that was that. Time passed, and today I got another email letting me know the magazine was released today and my image was chosen for use. UM, cool right?! So she sent me some goodies that I could use on Facebook and my blog to gloat a little over this sweet accomplishment. To subscribe to Chic or buy any individual issues, visit them here, or show some love on Facebook to Chic Critique Forum:)