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Madalyn Grace Cook- Newborn ‘Tog in Training {Kids with Cameras}

So yesterday this little girl comes up to me with her baby doll in arms and goes “mom, this is my baby boy, and he’s having his picture taken tomorrow” and then informed me that I was doing it.

Waitaminute child. Mama works enough! How about YOU do it?

Her eyes about as big as saucers danced with excitement and we got some props out for today’s session. I’d say it went pretty well! Our model was very cooperative and “mom” just sat back enjoying her latte šŸ˜‰ I was spared from the 85 degree heat too for once, because this baby was perfectly content at 70! Oh and if you haven’t noticed, she also changed her mind and decided the baby was now a girl:)

Here are some of Madalyn’s own shots. She used my d800 and 50mm 1.4G. She was shooting in Aperture Priority (A) but use single point focus so she was choosing her own point of focus in her pictures and composing them on her own:)

I offered a little coaching when needed, but mostly waited in the wings and snapped “behind the scenes” shots for her šŸ˜‰ I hope you enjoy these memories as much as we enjoyed making them:)If you pay attention, she even got in Etsy at the end and went shopping! haha:)All of her little mannerisms were her own- it was really a heartwarming moment today to watch her mimic so much of what I’ve done during newborn sessions when she watched me work. Love this girl!

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