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What a difference the details make…{tips for photographers}

This wasn’t even really meant to become a post, I just decided to shoot these images during the session and use them later on in my newborn guide. But I have plenty of time for that and wanted to share them now:)

What a difference a few details make! The top image isn’t wrapped tightly and looks messy and sloppy. Baby isn’t quite relaxed yet so it’s also a more “tense” image, and not relaxed. The main difference I think you will notice is the lighting. In image 1, baby is lit from the top. He was laying on the flokati rug, on the floor in front of the window, so the window light it coming from above his head. The light isn’t flattering, and to the naked eye, we can’t quite pinpoint why unless we have studied the differences in light and how they affect our images in detail. When compared to the bottom image, we figure it out- it’s the lighting (and the sloppy wrap job!) that make the top image more unappealing. In the bottom image, I positioned him in the same spot on the floor by the window, but instead turned him so that he was parallel to the window- the light then was coming in from the right side here (his left) and i used a white reflector to very gently bounce light BACK toward him to fill in any shadows that were too dramatic, on the left (baby’s right side) so that it wasn’t TOO shadowy- just enough to look interesting.

Lighting can make or break your image:)