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December 2012 Sessions {Ohio Portrait and Newborn Photographer}

Every year I promise myself I’m not working in December and will take the time to focus on the holidays and my family. But every year, I work in December. LOL.

here are some of the awesome people I hung out with this past year in December:)At least they were all super awesome.

I did a 6 month session for Sidney. Little girl is growing up TOO quick! As I blog this, I’m planning her 9 month session already for 2 weeks from now. Geez!! Her Harry Potter themed shot was a big success:)Lots of Photoshop to take mom’s arms out! lol

Aaaaaand I had Maddox. 2 year old!! Geez ow boy:(His mama is one of my favorites. Not gonna lie. He was ornery as the dickens, but we got some good ones anyway. Pretty sure they showcased his true personality more than any posed session, lol

I got to see little Aiden again for 9 months, and big brother Benny:)A couple weeks after this session, I was informed that Leslie & Brian are unexpectedly expecting #3!! So she already got on my calendar for this August for a newborn session for THAT baby, lol. And of course every milestone too 😉

THENNNNNNN I had these twins. These AMAAAAAZING twin girls. Seriously one of the easiest newborn sessions ever because they were so happy, especially together!! Everytime they were separated they’d get a little whimpery here and a little whimpery there…but put them together and they would INSTANTLY calm and quiet. Asleep. Instant. Happy. SO precious!

Middle of the month, I photographed one of my last weddings. It was originally a June date, but had gotten moved so mid-December. Everything was lovely and it wasn’t TOO cold out:)It did rain though! Boo. But they were such good sports. The one image cracked me up- check out that groomsman taking a picture from BEHIND the bridesmaids huddled under the umbrella? hmmmmm 😉 (These usually follow up with about 5 emails for wedding inquiries- sorry, I no longer photograph them!)

And that’s it for December!!:)