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Danielle & Scott {Ohio Couples Photographer}

So a couple years ago when I had my wedding packages set up a certain way, I had included a “Trash the Dress” session in my all-day coverage. I did this because I wanted to do more of these sessions. I booked 3 of these packages before changing my pricing/structuring again later on, and so far none of them used it as a trash the dress:)I didn’t want to be a butt and insist, so we just did a regular session each time… I learned my lesson though, because including a session as a bonus, because I want to do more of them, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work out that way, and then you just end up doing another free session for nothing, lol. I’m too much of a softy to be a hard-butt and stuck to certain policies. So here’s a session of just Danielle & Scott, about 10 months after their wedding. Danielle had super long hair at the wedding so this was a big change for her:)