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Rachel & Ehret’s Reception {Ohio Wedding Photographer}

I first worked with Rachel and Ehret over 2 years ago. We had a mutual friend that had gotten extremely sick from cancer, and I had donated several sessions to a benefit for him, an auction to raise money. Rachel bought one. At the time they weren’t engaged, just together (and in love :)) so I did a session for them on their farm. When Ehret finally proposed a year and some later, Rachel insisted that I would be their photographer:)They had a colder winter engagement session with lots of snow, but the wedding was in Myrtle Beach (and got poured on, poor things) so I just did the formals and reception up here:)It was nice and warm and sunny that day, luckily! Her brother got to do the dance around the trough because he’s older but she got married first..and they had an awesome candy bar. MMMMM. During formals Ehret tried to hide his beer can behind the tractor but I told him I would find it…I did:)One of their dogs also passed away shortly after so I’m glad he decided to be in a few pictures too:)

I did a trash the dress session for Rachel then last week so she could wear her dress again and the images are coming along beautifully:)Anyways, enjoy!