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Kenzie {Wynford Senior, Ohio Senior Photographer}

When Kenzie’s mom originally contacted me, she wanted these more than anything- but her daughter wasn’t so keen on having senior pictures taken. I friended her before the session, chatted with her a bit here and there on what she’s like and what she likes and came up with the perfect locations for her shoot. She texted me pictures of her outfits and we were golden on locations. They wanted a few of her and her older sister together too, and her mom even mentioned an old truck…I found the perfect one on private property and got permission from the woman to come shoot there at the end of our session. Everything came together beautifully, Kenzie was AMAZING at rocking the camera and her smile is a million watts. For real. She was amazing. She did anything, had the most amazing smile and laughs, and was just super sweet. Even if she did end up with poison ivy. Boo! I checked everywhere thoroughly like I always do, but we figured out that it must have come from the open field in front of the barns. Either way they were in love with the images and said it was worth it, which eased my guilt some. Thanks Kenzie and congratulations on your final year of high school!