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Emily & Chuck/Ryan & I’s Couples Shoots

Emily and I are pretty good friends, so we’ve done photo-swapping on more than one occasion. Or simply hired each other for stuff:)We swapped couples sessions (and also family sessions which will get blogged in a few weeks when I shoot hers) and I loved what she chose to wear. She also had the camera/firefighter helmet photo idea (and our session was first, so I asked if she would do it for us because I loved it, but also because I didn’t want to get credit for the idea when I did it for her shoot! lol) We hit up 3 locations, one with a sweet old firetruck, another on a company’s land with some cool outbuildings that I stopped and asked permission to use, and the third in a favorite open field with a cool silo and falling down brick..umm shack. lol. Anyways here are some faves from her shoot, followed some by faves she took of ours. Oh and the last one in HER set…is what I call “payback.” That’s Zombie Emily. She took a ridiculous image of me during our session eating ice’ll see!


And them some faves from our sesh. My husband isn’t the most photogenic. I kept telling him to “close your eyes when you kiss me” and “stop staring at her, just look at me!” LOL. Oh well. I still cherish them because I love him so much <3