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Younes Family {Ohio Family Photographer} *HIE Awareness*

I’m going to add Hannah’s story directly from Laila. The love this family for each other and especially for this little girl, is just amazingly beautiful. They are so open about her condition and she is an absolutely sweet doll baby with a golden smile and the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen! xoxo

“I’m so open about Hannah and our family because knowledge is the first step to others accepting her in this world:)  So with Hannah she has whats called HYPOXIC-ISCHEMIC ENCEPHALOPATHY (HIE) for short and thats just when a baby loses oxygen at birth. She was a perfect healthy fetus and flawless pregnancy but about a week before my due date she stoped moving so we went to the Hospital to get checked and when there she showed small signs of stress so we decided to get induced and get her out that day, we were an hour into starting inducing labor and thats when my OB had decided to break my water(checking if we had meconium) her heart literally stoped- I wasn’t even in labor yet, no IV, nothing started or preped. We literally ran to do an emergancy C-sec and the whole process for that was about 20min- I was put to sleep- she was out in less then 1min but was born still, apgar 0…needed 5minutes of resestation to get her heart started again.(she was about 30minutes with no heartbeat) I awoke in pure hell- worst/best day of my life (she was injured but also I was given a second chance to keep her) she was on life support with severe brain swelling, seizures, etc….for 2 days- then she fought hard , she began breathing, eating a bottle, waking up and left the NICU after 2 weeks exactly. With a brain injury damage shows over time so it was a wait and see game….at 2months old I realized something was wrong as her head was very small- we did a CT scan and our pediatrician called us in right away (never a good sign) and Ill never forget that day we nearly fainted in his office as he explained Hannah’s brain in severly globaly damaged from the birth injury- that moment of time when the world stoped- she couldn’t recover fully no matter how much we prayed and begged frown We then received the Cerebral Palsy DX thats secondary to her brain injury. She’s the toughest soul on the planet, our hero, our world, she’s what makes us special:) On her first birthday I sat and truly wondered if I should be mourning that day since its the day she was severly hurt or if I should be greatful she decided to stay that night…….thats when it hit me (truly hit me) I get to decide the answer to that – I finally get a choice in something……and thats when I decided I would be happy- we would be happy….and thats when I realized Hannah’s life will teach me more then I ever could have imagined :)”

You can follow Laila’s work at Photography by Laila, based in Dearborn Heights, MI