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Sidney the Rainbow Baby {Northwest Ohio Newborn Photographer}

Until I did this session, I didn’t know what a Rainbow Baby was. I then learned that they are deemed as such, because it is “the rainbow after the storm.” Rainbow babies are most commonly those that come after a loss. I had the honor of photographing not only Sidney, but her beautiful “big” sister last year before her passing. Henleigh was born on Christmas Day, 2010. She came to see me in January for newborn portraits with the fullest head of hair and sweetest disposition. Unfortunately, little Hen passed away in April 2011 from SIDS. Her parents remained strong, full of faith, and keep her close to their hearts every single day. They didn’t go into a “poor me” depression (not saying they didn’t mourn,  because they did!) but they used this as an opportunity to raise awareness and help others. They have done 2 SIDS benefits since Henleigh’s passing and put SO much work into them with all proceeds going to the SIDS network. When they became pregnant late last year with little Sidney, and Danielle contacted me about the pregnancy and doing newborn portraits, I cried right there into my keyboard. The immense joy I felt for them was indescribable. And when they later found out they were having another daughter..I just knew it was Henleigh’s doing. Giving them back a little piece of her (and when you see the sisters compared, you’ll see why I say that!) and letting them know that she will always be with them.


I could keep rambling or I could just post some photos and be quiet. The first 4 are from Henleigh’s newborn session. After she passed, Danielle purchased the sock monkey hat from me to keep. She brought it back to Sidney’s session to get another image of HER wearing it this time.  :)



And these below are from Sidney’s June 2012 session:)