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Then & Now, the Finale (Part 3) – A Revealing, Personal Blog

And finally…welcome to 2012.  (If you need to start from the beginning with opening statements and 2009/2010 images, click HERE.)

So please. Take away from this that you CAN do it. Just try. I HATE watching photographers complain about how they just aren’t “good”and they want all my “secrets”…but yet I find out they have been doing it for 4-5 years or more…and what’s lacking is their TECHNICAL aspect. They haven’t taken the time to learn their camera, clean post processing (or at least if it’s dramatic, for it to look good lol), and most of all, LIGHT. They just want it to fall into their laps..and that doesn’t happen! So go ahead and have a good laugh..just be nice and don’t make fun of me:)

These were all shot with either the Nikon d700 or D3s and with either a 50mm 1.4G (except the one toward the bottom of Erika laying on her boyfriend’s chest, that was with the 135mm f/2D DC lens:)Make no mistake, it’s not all about the gear though- I actually knew what the hell I was doing by the time 2011 rolled around:)You can have the best camera and lenses money can buy but you need to learn how to USE it and how to manipulate LIGHT. So important!!!

Keep trying!!


Amy Cook