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Then & Now – NEVER Give Up! A Revealing, Personal Blog

So…I may have been putting this off. Because it’s kiiiinda embarrassing. But I know it needs done. And mostly because it’s a LOT of work. And I know that I have such a wonderful audience of photographers both new and veterans…parents…all kinds of amazing people. So I’m doing it.


This is the “Then & Now” Blog. 2012 version.


This is where you will view my embarrassingly old work. This is where you may gain hope. Because let me tell you. I WAS once where you are. Or were:)And if it helps somebody not give up..or give them the motivation to better themselves instead of just cruising along…then it’s worth the embarrassment:)

My business was born in September 2009.

I’m not going to talk this thing to death. So just enjoy.


First session ever. I charged her $20 and gave her like 120 images lol. For experience. I had a Nikon d60 and I THINK this one was shot with an 18-135mm lens..but I don’t remember. I pulled it from the web so I can’t even check the metadata anymore. Totally shot in auto. And used pop-up flash. Ugh. Sorry. The session was seriously fun though. I remembered having all the poses I wanted to do written down on a sheet and scratching them off as I went. I was nervous even though she was a friend. But I had a great time. And Kenzie was SO good and did everything I asked. She was a natural model of course! Even though the images are super posed and cliche and aren’t all properly exposed etc…I love them anyways.



My first newborn session as a business…January 2010 – Nikon d60, 55-200mm f/4-5.6 lens

He is seriously the cutest thing. EVER. I was so nervous to do this session! I had been working with newborns for MONTHS in the hospital as part of the company Our 365 Newborn Photography…but being on my own….yeah. Scary! Again, still love this session even though looking at them now I don’t think they are “awesome” work. But the memories made are priceless. And this family is so amazing.


Right up the nose…


Baby acne I didn’t know how to fix:)


Dramatic lighting fail.


And this one…I have no idea what I was trying to do here in post. Seriously. I’m sorry Katie & Joe for this. lol.


Feb 2010…Hey let’s stick a baby in a tree. Because that would be cute. At least I wasn’t *totally* stupid and mom was holding him. It was also actually a super low limb. But still. Oy. D60, 55-200mm f/4-5.6 lens (basically a kit lens) At least the baby is cute:)


I was going for high-key lighting (bright) with a colorful pop. I was also on an uncalibrated laptop, meaning my color was WAY off. Shudder. Still d60 and 55-200mm lens here. Man I can’t believe how much this pretty girl has grown since then! This is the same lovely girl from the first image up top. Again, she was SO good!


But I like this one:)Even if it’s still too bright for my liking now. At least it’s not totally God-awful. And it’s sweet:)


March. Because what’s a senior session without a cliche RR shot? At this point I had traded up for a Nikon d90, and an 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Sigma lens. It was crap (the lens). But I was getting better anyways, slowly:)

But the girl was gorgeous, yes?:)


WOOOOOOOAH don’t fall out of the frame! And what’s the blue coloring? Oy. My problem, is that I watched what too many other “photographers” were doing, instead of focusing on my own thang. I was nervous to just do my thing.


First maternity session. Full of cliches. May 2010. But again…I love this session. Because we had a good time…and I met one of the most amazing families I know. There are actually some from this session that I still really like:)

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your subject is and how amazing they look…you just don’t shoot a pregnant woman at this angle. Duh. Headsmack.

Nikon D90, Sigma 18-200mm lens


A session full of cliches. But to this day, I’m still honored that they stayed with me…I hope the images I have been giving them since are worth this horrible work. lol.


A 3 month old session that same year…decent shot…crappy edit. May 2010. Nikon d90, 50mm 1.8D


Poor use of bounce-flash..right up at the ceiling behind me..which made it spill right back directly at her..looking like direct flash :p Overly softened skin too. Does make those little lips pop right out there though! What a doll baby.


Because a creative shot looks good with a patch of dirt as your main focus..d90 and 18-200mm for these 3 pictures


Neon grass. I was still uncalibrated. I swear I didn’t prefer neon! lol


I don’t even know why I did this (the edit)- sigh. Love the moment though.


And another newborn:)awkward posing. Totally not a composite. Yeah, I know. d90 and 50mm 1.4D (lens upgrade)


2010 still….improper metering. White shirts are WHITE WHITE. And the boy’s foot sticking out is really distracting. I did crank out some great images from this session though:)D90 and 18-200mm Sigma lens

Another newborn…chin in hands pose failed. At least the edit was pretty? And the baby was prettier:)D90 and 50mm 1.4D


All on the same bench..WHY?? Nikon d90 and 50mm 1.4D


And end of 2010..D90 and 50mm 1.4D

I was getting better:) I just looooved this precious little blondie! eek!!


I could go all day. I have SO much! Moving on to 2011. Click here to go to the next blog. (Bluehost told me my post is too big and that + number of people visiting was hitting their servers too hard! So I’m splitting it up)