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Vannette Family {Northwest Ohio Family Photographer}

I love this family. A lot. I’ve been shooting for them at every milestone, for the past 18 months. I’ve watched Maddox grow since he was a tiny screaming newborn in my studio (he was so angry, LOL) to the gorgeous hunk of man curls he is now. GOSH. JUST LOOK AT HIM! While I am perfectly content with little girls, I can’t help but yearn for a little mama’s boy every time I look at him. This is another post where I would like to quickly show some back images from the beginning until now. It just AMAZES me how much this little boy has grown and changed!


Newborn- December 2010


3 month- March 2011


6 month – June 2011


9 month & family session- September 2011


1 year – December 2011


And the most recent, 18 month and family session. GOSH GOSH GOSH. Im oozing over these. Love this family. I made sure to get some images of Shelby & Jason. Their love amazes me.