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The Triplets Turn 2! {Northwest Ohio Baby & Child Photographer}

The triplets were actually my first session back from maternity leave- and a big WELCOME BACK I got! I’ve been photographing these babies ever since they were just a bulge in mama’s belly:)Every milestone, even their 1st birthday party. I can’t even describe the amount of respect I have for Debbie & Todd. They are not only amazing parents, and know how blessed they are even though it’s hard as hell- but they go out of their way to do things with the kids, taking them out for fun trips, braving multiple  outfit changes during pictures, and treating each baby uniquely. They each have their own very unique personality, and their parents are so amazing and nurturing to that. Anyone with kids knows how crazy hard it is with just one baby. Some people such as myself even dream of having twins. But three?? THAT’S a handful! But as I’ve always said when someone looks at me with my 3 girls and says “you have your hands full”- I simply reply with “better than hands empty”:)Cheers Debbie & Todd, for surviving the first 2 years, and hopefully making it through the toddler years with your hair intact (well, Debbie- sorry Todd) and it’s original color 😉

Here’s a shot from Debbie’s maternity session in early 2010. She made it to almost 35 weeks before delivering the babies. How AMAZING! And tell me she doesn’t look absolutely awesome for carrying 3 babies.


Once the babies were born, they spent a little time in the NICU, but not too much:)They all did amazing! By the time it came around for newborn pictures, they were 11 weeks old. This was in I believe August 2010. Don’t judge me:)


3 months later, I saw them again for 6 month/Christmas photos (slowly getting better, lol)


Then I didn’t see the babies again until their birthday. I took both 1 year photos, and birthday party coverage for them.


I saw them in October for a Mommy & Me session…


THEN they were back again in November for 17 month and Christmas photos again!



Finally, we end here (only for now!!) at the babies’ 2nd birthday. I gave up shooting small events, so their party wasn’t covered by me this year. But enjoy some images from their recent 2 year session:)See how much they have grown!


By the way, notice how at EVERY session I got at least one image of them all together. Yeah, I might be patting myself on the back. Hehe.


2 years: