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Guinevere is 3 months old! {Ohio baby photographer}

After a same day cancellation, I posted a special deal on my fan page in order to try and fill it so that I could still shoot on Thursday evening last week. Tasha snatched it up for her new little girl, Guinevere for a 3 month session. She couldn’t pass up the awesome deal, and well I don’t blame her:)Come to realize, I actually went to school with Tasha very briefly back in 2000 when we attended freshman year together at McComb high school, before she moved. She had to work that night, but her husband Bobby was more than willing to bring little Guinevere to her portrait session at the last minute. She had two adorable outfits and then we did a bunch of naked baby pictures. She was such a luscious little chunk!!:)She was such a happy and content little girl, and the session was a breeze. Dad and I chatted about cars, work, and other stuff. He was such a great dad and assistant too! Here are a few of my favorite images. Many were done as composites and little babe was SAFE at all times with daddy holding onto her. Enjoy!:)