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Enright Family- Predeployment session


I took on this session while still on maternity leave, but more than happily. Sure the money was well needed (especially after being off work so long!) but the greatest satisfaction came from the imagery I was able to produce for this family. I’ve known Laura for 2 years now. She originally became a fan of my work, I’m not sure through whom, on Facebook:)They live in California although Laura is from here in Ohio originally. When she came home to visit at the end of 2010, I photographed their only son at the time, Skyler. He was 1:)Here’s an image:


The following year, Skyler was home visiting his grandparents, alone. I again had the pleasure of working with his little guy. The Enright family had a new little one, little brother Oliver, who was born in December 2010 but I hadn’t met him yet. The cutest thing was Skyler seeing me and immediately running up to me and wanting hugs and then being glued to my side for the session. I was so surprised he remembered me at all! He was around 1 1/2 I believe. This was in June 2011. At this time, Laura has pursued a photography career of her own, so it’s been an even greater pleasure shooting for a fellow photographer:)Quite the honor! You can find her work on Facebook here, and her website here.



In November, I met up with Laura while she was home visiting and we did lunch. I got to meet Oliver in person for the first time, and boy is he a cutie! This year, Laura wanted some updated family pictures before Caleb got deployed. I was so happy to take a little “break” from my maternity leave (cmon, I have 3 kids now! lol. A break was NEEDED) to spend a couple hours with this family. It was my first time finally meeting Caleb, and finally photographing Oliver too. Enjoy these images, because although Laura claims her boys were “so awful” I had a blast working with this family, and well, I think the images came out pretty darn amazing!:)Hehe.

Skyler liked me a little bit...

Oliver makes his photo debut with ACP...

What else are big brothers for?

For the most part, Skyler didn't like me this time. I was crushed :(

Oli wanted mama :)

A slight obsession with Jessica Drossin the image to go to her page :)


Thank you Caleb for everything you do!



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