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February 25th Ohio Newborn Workshop

In February, we had a wonderful group of ladies in the most recent newborn workshop which was again held in my home:)This one was actually a reschedule, and was originally set for the end of January. Unfortunately the night before, my middle child started throwing up and I cancelled the workshop for the following day, unwilling to have newborn babies and their families in my home with any germs present. Everyone was very understanding, including the workshop attendees and the parents of the models alike- although disappointed. We rescheduled for a month later when I had a weekend available again- obviously we got different models this time:)We also lost a few girls from the workshop due to scheduling conflicts:(But the seats were filled and everyone was satisfied.

This time around we had the pleasure of working with twins! They were little beauties for sure. We also had a little guy. Afterwards we puttered around in Photoshop and chatted before everyone left to head back home. I’ve had a great time teaching these workshops and meeting a bunch of truly amazing ladies! Many I am so happy to call my friends. Enjoy these images:)I was hugely pregnant here! Every time I would hold a baby, Ava would start kicking and shoving:)Hehe. A special thanks to Lindsey of Lindsey Scholtz Photography near Columbus, OH for taking behind the scenes shots for me!!:)