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Aiden – {Ohio Newborn Photographer}

Aiden’s session was very special to me. Yes, I was a week away from my due date. A WEEK. I was huge. And my back hurt like crazy. But doing this session was so important to me, and I hold this family dear to my heart. I’ve known his mom for what seems like EVER. Her and my older sister went to school together, and through that, I became friends with her youngest sister Sarah, who was I think 3 years younger than me. We became friends about 12 years ago. The Schroeder family as a whole is very dear to our family- my dad is good friends with their dad, etc:)Anyways, when Leslie was due shortly before me, I knew from the beginning that if/when she asked me to do newborn pictures (and I’d hoped!) that I wouldn’t turn it down! A year prior, mama Schroeder passed away at a very young age from brain cancer:(Diane was one of the absolutely most beautiful souls you would have EVER met and never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was truly an angel on Earth and everyone that knew her agrees that God truly gained a shining star. Aiden was named after his late grandmother- they used the letters DIANE, rearranged, to come up with Aiden. He was truly a sweet, laid-back little boy, and takes after his amazing grandmother for sure. Enjoy these sweet shots from his session. This little chunker was close to 11lbs when these were taken. I believe he was 10 days old at the session.