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10k fan giveaway! March 17th through March 24th

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to comment #417, HEATHER HOUCK!! WOO HOO you go girl!!! I am emailing all vendors now and they will be in touch with you. CONGRATS!!! Thanks everyone for entering!!!:)





Hey guys! As promised, here is the 10k fan giveaway! I’m so very lucky and grateful for every one of you and so very VERY blessed to be where I am at the tender age of 26 in my life. I’m so happy to be able to share what I love with all of you! As previously mentioned, the giveaway is going to stay small- 13 vendors. Many are near and dear to my heart, and some are brand new to me (but I loved what I saw!). Each one has something special and unique to offer. I kept the giveaway small, for one reason because the 5k giveaway was so much work it was out of hand (35 vendors!) and also because I wanted to give each vendor this time a moment to shine- so there’s only one Actions creator, one branding expert, etc. Some of the hat/headband vendors do make the same things, but I strongly feel each of their styles are very very different:)

There are 13 vendors donating prizes. I was going to do 13 winners, but I thought it through more and decided to go with ONE winner, but give everyone several chances to enter to win:)Once we make it to 15k I may do another giveaway, a little larger, and do individual winners then:)

Start: Saturday, March 17th at 2:00pm EST

End: Saturday, March 24th at 7:00pm EST

How to enter:

1. Check out each of the prizes and visit the vendors on Facebook. If you choose to show them some love, let them know I sent you:)Come back and comment on the blog that you have checked everything out and are ready to enter! (Entry 1- commenting on the blog is REQUIRED to enter). Make sure to include your first and last name and email address.

2. “Like” their Facebook fan pages for a bonus entry (appreciated, but not required.) – Comment on the blog that you have liked all 14 pages (13 vendors donating, but 14 pages total including mine!) (Optional entry #2)

3. Share the giveaway on your personal page- make sure to tag my fan page so people know where to find it (Optional entry #3) Come back and comment on the blog that you shared the giveaway on your personal page. When sharing, you can word it how you like, or simply copy and paste the following:

“There’s a giveaway going on over at @Amy Cook Photography, LLC and you’re invited! Head on over for a super easy chance to win some awesome prizes!”

4. …and fan page if you have one (Optional entry #4). Come back and comment on the blog telling me you shared on your fan page (and your fan page’s name please)

5. Make a purchase from any vendor DURING THE GIVEAWAY for another optional entry! ONE entry per vendor purchased from- so if you buy 5 hats from Adorable Props, and 2 ties from Room to Grow, you’ll still only get 1 entry from buying from Adorable Props, and one entry from buying from Room to Grow. Get me? (Optional entry #5-17). Purchases must be made between March 17th and the end of the day March 23rd- this is the day BEFORE the giveaway ends. Comment on the blog SEPARATELY for each vendor you purchased from. I will be confirming these, so you must tell me what you bought and of course you must name the vendor and purchase date. – Yes you read that right- Optional entries 5-17. If you buy from all 13 vendors this week, that’s 13 entries right there!


That’s it! To recap, you will be able to comment on the blog UP TO 17 TIMES total, giving you a total possibility of 17 entries to win this booty:)Now not everyone is going to buy stuff, that’s just a bonus if you do- so if you just want to enter basically, but don’t have the $$ or desire to purchase this week from anyone, then your max number of comments on the blog (entries) is 4.:)

Please, please pay attention. I recommend keeping this blog open in one window, and doing anything else you need to do in a separate window so the rules are ALWAYS right in front of you and you don’t miss anything. Or heck, print this page! Mark off things as you do them. Duplicate entries (for example posting twice that you liked everyone) will be deleted. These things are an insane amount of work so please don’t make it harder on this preggo girl than it already is! LOL. Read carefully, and follow the steps to enter. It’s really easy peasy:)

Have fun!!






1. Amy Cook Photography, LLC- I didn’t donate this time- last time the giveaway took up ALL my free time, so I figured being 9 months pregnant with a couple kids running around at home, that’s enough for me to take on right now:)

Visit/like Amy Cook Photography, LLC on Facebook


2. Garden Chic- Rosey White newborn halo (value $17)

Visit/like Garden Chic on Facebook


3. Born Platinum- $20 gift certificate

Visit/like Born Platinum on Facebook


4. Two Peas in a Pod Hair Bows- Birthday outfit (value $35)

Visit/like Two Peas in a Pod on Facebook


5. Birdy Bird Boutique – Newborn Whimsey Woodland Gnome hat ($25 value)

Visit/like Birdy Bird Boutique on Facebook


6. Deerie Handmade- Fluffy trimmed hooded newborn cocoon ($25 value)

Visit/like Deerie Handmade on Facebook


7. Spoiled Sweet Boutique- $40 store credit

Visit/like Spoiled Sweet Boutique on Facebook


8. Room to Grow – 2 ties ($22 value)

Visit/like Room to Grow on Facebook


9. Pure Actions for Photographers – 2 action sets ($100 value)

Visit/like Pure Actions for Photographers on Facebook


10. On the Spot Studio – Free logo and 50% off additional branding (Value $250+)

Visit/like On the Spot Studio on Facebook


11. Adorable Props – 1 beanie (Value $30+) and 1 headband (Value $15+)

Visit/like Adorable Props on Facebook


12. Chic Critique Forum- 3 month membership + Chic Peek silent student audit to a celebrity photographer ($64 value)

Visit/like Chic Critique on Facebook


13. Fancy Fabric – $50 store credit

Visit/like Fancy Fabric on Facebook


14. Creme de la Baby – $30 store credit

Visit/like Creme de la Baby on Facebook