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Baby Jaxson, 11 days new {Toledo, OH newborn photographer}

Baby Jax was my first newborn of the new year and boy did he keep me on my toes! Session one ran around 3 hours and although I ended up with around 15 beautiful images, it just wasn’t enough for me. He wasn’t having it that day, and we later found out it was because he wasn’t feeling well. Poor baby! I asked Sara to bring him back the following week for more shots and after another 2 1/2 hour session, we had pretty much everything we needed- the only shot I didn’t grab that I would have liked to, was head in the hands, but I think after going through everything we DID end up with, I’m not too heartbroken. Session two was golden, and he loved the camera. Every time I get to snuggle one of these little pumpkins, it makes me so much more excited for my little one’s arrival in April. Can’t wait to meet our third beautiful daughter! Enjoy these sweet images of baby Jax:)