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15 Photography things that bother me :)

New blog= transferring some old posts over that  I found to be “keepers” from the old blog! Here’s a goody. Enjoy


This isn’t really a rant, just things that I’ve been pondering over the past couple days. Some of these I’m guilty of myself back in the day, but so glad that I lived and learned ;) You should always be trying to improve your photography! If your work looks the same as it did 5 or 15 years ago (and not in a good way), you need to work a littler harder at improving what you may be doing wrong. Even the best of the best are always trying to improve themselves!

1. Excess cleavage in girls’ senior portraits. Extremely inappropriate! Photographers, pay attention :) Parents, watch what your daughter is wearing!

2. Dinosaur arms- you know, when someone is standing there not quite knowing what to do with their hands, and they end up with the T-rex arm or arms? Photographer, help them out :) Don’t let them look and feel awkward. It’s your job to make your clients comfortable :)

3. Extreme squinting- Don’t face your subject into the direct sun in the middle of the day when it is at its brightest and harshest!

4. Raccoon eyes- extreme shadows under the eyes- this goes along with number 3. If you’re going to shoot in the middle of the day, worst possible lighting/time…at least find some open shade :)

5. Sun flare that’s over done- I LOVE sunflare. LOVE. I love the haze and i love the circles that result. But if your sunflare or haze is blocking your subject to the point that you can’t even SEE their faces at all- it’s too much. Shade your lens some. A lens hood will help :) It should enhance your image, not be the focus of it. No matter how beautiful the flare itself is, that family isn’t going to hang that portrait on their wall when you can’t even recognize who is in it.

6. Boys places in feminine poses- enough said. Do your research and don’t make them look like sissies :) Also- girls posed like boys

7. Wardrobe- rough, baggy t-shirts, dirty tennis shoes, women wearing tennis shoes (sorry, it’s bothers the heck out of me!)- think running shoes when I say women wearing tennis shoes. Like their dressed to go run errands or something. Thankfully my clients have style :)

8. Beautiful SOOC shots that turn into TERRIBLE edits. Less is more :) Creative editing is great- but know how to do it in moderation. Too much contrast+orange skin tones+neon green foilage is a HUGE no no. Also, be careful on editing eyes. Neon alien eyes is a huge no no. Keep your clients looking normal!

9. White vignetting should be outlawed. So should selective color.

10. Lastly, direct pop-up flash. Nothing says unprofessional point and shoot, than direct pop-up flash. Red eye anyone? Shiny skin anyone? Dark shadows on the wall behind the subject anyone? Direct flash should only be used in the manner of off-camera flash, or as fill-flash :)

Okay a couple more..

11. Excessive tilt- photography is all about angles. But if your subject looks unnaturally like it’s going to fall right out of the frame, it’s probably too much.

12. Becoming a self-proclaimed photographer as soon as you walk out of the store with your new $600 DSLR. So not true. You have to LEARN the craft first. I bet if you bought a fancy wrench set, you wouldn’t call yourself a plumber! You can become a photography HOBBYIST..but please don’t start up “so and so photography” the same day and say that you’re in business.

13. Taking a WEDDING gig before you even have the appropriate equipment to shoot a wedding. Don’t even have a speedlight, let alone know how to use one, and you have your first wedding in 2 weeks? Yikes. It’s really okay to say NO, until you know more about what you’re doing. It’s NOT okay to take a once in a lifetime event for someone, because you’ve been a photographer for 2 months and need the money. Not cool :(

14. There was one more but I had a brain fart and forgot.

…oh yeah! giving clients unedited AND edited images. Only show your best work. Unless your not a pro and don’t care :) Why would you even give them the unedited ones when you spent all that time editing them? Seems silly and excess to me :)

15. Not backing up your original images. Especially if you turn something black and white and the client asks for it in color after seeing their images. Oops.

*Note- feel free to enjoy and comment. But this post is NOT intended to rip on ANYONE or put anyone down. DO NOT use your comments to call out “this one photographer I know” or anything along those lines. Keep it lighthearted, and if you wish to take any of my tips to enhance your own photography, then awesome :)

<3 Amy


And because every post should have a picture, here’s a little “Then & Now” comparison. Don’t laugh at me.:)